Who is Alex Sung?

I faced a lot of challenges as a child and waged many internal battles, and eventually won the war. Learn more about what forges Alex Sung.

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A passion for creating spaces

Various services provided.

Finance Background

Having a degree in Finance makes me a credible partner for all investing content pieces.

Video Content

Experience with Adobe Premiere and script writing to formulate longterm organic viewership on YouTube and Rumble platforms.


With over 15 years of writing experience, I am able to adapt and mold for the audience to keep on-brand voicing.

Email Newsletters

Experience with email newsletters like Email Octopus, Convertkit, Mad Mimi, and Sendinblue.

Social Media

Experience with on-brand customer retention through social media sites or turnkey solutions like Facebook andZendesk.

User Generated Brand Deals

Able to create high quality video content that promotes brands authentically for longterm scale or sales.

Alexander Sung successfully completed the SEO for beginners course!

Multiplatform Experience

Expertly crafted email newsletters, video content, writings, and user-generated content.

Wage Quitting Podcast

  • Personal development podcast that surely takes you to deep waters.
  • Attain limitless mindset and growth.
  • Take yourself out of the comfort zone and dig deep!

Biohacking Newsletter

  • Free and paid eBooks
  • Never before published email stories and experiences.
  • Exclusive content before it gets published on my main channels.

“When life pushes you back, push back!”

Alex Sung

CEO, White Tiger Unlimited Ltd

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